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Boat rental without licence in Syracuse/Avola/Fontane Bianche/Ognina of Syracuse

Hiring boats without licence in Syracuse, Avola, Fontane Bianche, Ognina of Syracuse is an ideal solution to discover Sicily and also the beauty of the coast that characterises this area.

" Boat hire without a licence in Syracuse is the perfect solution to be able to reach the caves, the beaches, to experience the sea, to visit the entire eastern coast of Sicily.

But let's find out more about how boat hire in Syracuse works!


Boat rental without a licence in Sicily: which boats to choose?

There are some boats that can be hired without a licence. Among the main ones to choose from are:


  • Motor boats of less than 10 metres
  • Sailing boats, but driving them without exceeding a speed of six miles
  • Motor boats with power under 40.8 horsepower
  • Motorised dinghies with power under 40 horsepower


To rent a boat without a licence, you will also have to leave a valid identity document and you may also be required to pay a deposit which will be returned when you return the boat.

Of course, at the time of hire you will have all the information you need to travel in complete safety.


Where to rent a boat without a licence

But where to rent a boat without a licence? A boat without a licence can be rented in different areas of Sicily, here are some of the most popular from which you can choose to depart with your sailing boat or dinghy with motor:


Syracuse: surely one of the best areas where you can rent a boat without a licence is Syracuse. The splendid thousand-year-old city that still preserves the history of the Greeks and the peoples that have passed through and conquered it over the centuries allows you not only to rent a boat but also to explore its surroundings and the most beautiful coastlines and caves that characterise its sea.


Avola: if you are exploring the beauty of Sicily, you must try the experience of renting a boat without a licence in Avola. The town of Avola is ideal for any type of holiday, whether for sea enthusiasts who want to explore the natural landscapes of the Cavagrande dal Cassibile Nature Reserve or for those who want to go trekking. Departing with your boat from Avola, you will discover completely natural and marvellous scenery.


Fontane Bianche: There are so many beaches to discover in and around Syracuse, so why not consider hiring a boat without a licence in Fontane Bianche. Fontane Bianche is a 1,200-metre beach of white sand. The locality and also its beach take their name from the numerous freshwater springs bubbling up on the seabed. By boat, you can explore the beautiful Sicilian coastline as it recedes and let yourself be lulled by the placid waters.


Ognina of Syracuse: this part of coastline can only be discovered by those who hire a boat without a licence. In fact, Ognina in Syracuse allows you to view, while travelling by boat, the wonderful rocky cliffs that drop sheer into the sea, and the white sandy coves, sea caves and grottos that are lapped by wonderful crystal-clear waters. A little further out to sea is a deserted islet that can be reached by swimming.


Boat rental in Sicily: a unique experience

Renting a boat without a licence in Sicily from whichever area you choose is certainly an experience that will remain in your hearts and minds forever.

As soon as you step aboard a rented boat you cannot help but be enchanted by the beauty of the coastline, the placid and clear waters of Syracuse and its surrounding areas.

If you want to experience a unique and different day you should choose the licence-free rental of a boat in Sicily.

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